Linguistic Ethics in Classroom Communication: the Bedrock of Peaceful Society
J.O. Babalola (PhD)
Department of Curriculum Studies
Faculty of Education Ekiti State University,
Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.
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Language as a subset of communication is quite dynamic, rich and pragmatic in all its demonstrations. It is the scaffold for climbing into the terrain of rich academic experience and classroom remains the rendezvous where its varieties are streamlined The need to pay special attention to its use is the key focus of this paper. The sensitive nature of language calls for rigorous training. This should not be for the language teachers alone, but for all the personnel that participate in the teaching and training of the young ones especially in our schools where professors, patriarchs ,politicians and priests are being groomed and prepared for challenging tasks that are awaiting them in the larger society. Keen objective observations were carried out in a descriptive model of a survey type. This was an outcome of more than three decades involvement in classroom teaching activities, where most of the players in the scene take the job of teaching casually and where many are disenchanted in the field of play. And as a result of the declining glory of the job, irritation and bitterness produce corrupt language that promotes degeneration in the society. It is recommended that special attention should be given to language pedagogy as the right tone will generate the desired moral value that can be positively contagious in the society.

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