A Comparative Assessment of the Reading Skills Component of Two Textbooks for the Nigerian Junior Secondary School
Mr. Y.Y Muslimi,
Dr. Bayo Lawai

This study was carried out with the intent and purpose of assessing individually and comparatively the reading skills component of two English Language text books in the Nigerian Junior Secondary Schools.The Hundred trained and experienced teachers were used as assessors and each of the textbooks was assessed in accordance with how its reading skills component approximate these listed in the questionnaire which had earlier been pilot – tested before actual administration. For the purpose explained here.essential reading. skills at the junior secondary school were grouped under those of understanding literal meaning. inferring deeper and evaluation content and method. The analysis of the responses of the respondents revealed that both textbooks .seem adequate in terms of understanding literal meaning and inferring deeper”meaning. Textbook A: Practical English by Ogundipe and others seemed to prove more adequate than Textbook B: Effective English by Michael Montgomety and others in terms of the teaching skills of evaluation content and method. Based on the findings. it was recommended that supplementary materials be used to aid textbooks Go experimental and Non experimental organisations or agencies need be involved in the teaching of functional reading and literacy as a whole.

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