About RAN

RAN is a not-for profit Professional Association registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number: 407393.

The Reading Association of Nigeria was inaugurated at the end of an International Seminar on Reading held in Zaria from August 9-13, 1982 and sponsored by the Institute of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and the National Library of Nigeria . The year 1982 was also the International year of Literacy Promotion Campaign. Over 150 participants from both Nigeria and overseas Universities, Federal and State Ministries, of Education, National, State and institution Libraries, Research Agencies, Language Teachers and Commercial Publishers attended the Seminar.

To date, RAN has held 15 biennial conferences:

Zaria 1984, Ibadan 1985, Jos 1987, Owerri 1989, Calabar 1991, Ilorin 1993, Ife 1997, Aba 1999, Zaria 2002, Port Harcourt 2006, Uyo 2008, Markurdi 2010, Abuja 2012, Ekiti 2014, Calabar 2016. Four mid-term conferences have also been held: Ibadan 2007 and Owerri 2009, Nsukka 2013, Ikeji Arakeji 2015.



Vision and Mission Statements

Motto: Promoting Literacy and Reading Nationwide


To empower Nigerians with appropriate knowledge, attitudes and skills through reading to effectively and efficiently harness our human and natural resources for the sustainable development of Nigeria.



To promote the love of reading through empowerment of all those involved in literacy development through regular capacity building, curriculum evaluation, and renewal and provision of diverse reading materials to foster love for reading in Nigeria and among Nigerians.



The aim of RAN is to promote literacy and reading nationwide as embedded in the following objectives:

  • To improve the quality of reading instruction at all levels in Nigerian language and English, and, where possible, any other language which may be used or studied in Nigeria by: 2050
  • Encouraging the study of the nature of the reading process;
  • Stimulating and promoting research dealing with all aspects of reading and literacy;
  • Acting as a clearing house for information relating to reading and literacy;
  • Encouraging the development of quality teacher education programmes, both pre-service and in-service.


  • To develop an awareness of the impact of literacy and reading by:
    • Encouraging the development of worthwhile reading tastes and permanent interests in reading;
    • Promoting the formation of lifelong reading habits;
    • Developing an appreciation of the value of reading and literacy in a democratic society.


  • To promote the development of a level of reading proficiency that is commensurate with each individual’s unique capacity by:
    1. Developing effective literacy skills in Mathematics, Sciences and Technology
    2. Developing expertise in reading and writing in the content areas
    3. Fostering critical literacy skills.


  • To encourage collaboration with Education Authorities, Educational Research bodies, National and State Libraries, and other bodies concerned with readership promotion by:
  1. Developing orthographies in Nigeria Languages, where none exists;
  2. Develop reading activities and materials in Nigerian languages.
  3. Promote reading tastes and reading for professional purposes and for pleasure.
  4. Encourage membership of RAN for personal and professional development.