Administrative Strategies for Improving Reading Skills in Senior Primary Pupils in Nigeria
Grace K. Etuk
Dept. of Curriculum Studies, Educational Management & Planning, University of Uyu, Akwu
Ibom Stale, Nigeria
Mobile phone: 08023297073

The paper reiterates the importance of primary education as being the inculcation of permanent literacy and numeracy, which develop gradually from the junior through the senior primary school, such that in primary s ix, prospective primary school leavers are fluent in reading not only the language of instruction, but also other languages which they are familiar with. The paper enumerates the functions of reading both to the individual and to society as being the light which illuminates the path of the individual even through other school activities and a tool for effective participation in democracy. Different management strategies that school administrators could use to encourage effective reading in pupils mentioned include school-climate control by setting well defined and acceptable goals; better school organization by emphasizing reading events; through supplying school and instructional facilities; through instructional supervision and through evaluation and feedback. The paper concludes by admonishing school heads to try some of the strategies.

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