Changes in Reading Styles Between Primary and JSS Classes :What Hope for Effective Teaching Methods?
S O Medahunsi (Ph.D.)

This stud} diagnoses the reading styles of primary 2, 4,6, and JSS 2 learners in Oyo State of Nigeria for comparison and consequent search for more effective strategies and materials for teaching reading. The study found that children in the lower primary classes are teacher-motivated, preferred structure, movement and intakes of food while reading. While pupils at the primary school wanted to learn to read with their teachers and friends using their tactual and Kinaesthetic senses, the JSS students tend not to be teacher motivated and they needed less movement, intake of food and structure but more choices of reading materials. They (JSS students) demonstrated greater visual and auditory strength than primary school pupils and preferred to learn alone and with peers. In view of the result, it is suggested that educators continue to experiment with a variety of reading techniques to assist individual learners both at the primary and secondary levels.

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