Church Literacy: An Essential Tool for National Development

0gbuonye Maureen Oluchi
Mercy and Joy Schools, Katsina—Ala,
Benue State
Ofodu Graceful Onovughe (PhD)
Institute ofEducation
Faculty ol’Education
Ekiti State. University; Aa’o Ekiii, Nigeria

The church pioneered literacy development in Nigeria. However; there has been a remarkably low level ofliteracy activities it. the church in recent years. This paper, using the library approach and personal observation, looks at the church as a space for literacy and national development. It highlights the various components and activities ofchurch literacy that can be harnessedfor national development. The difficulties 1″? church literacy are also highlighted. The paper therefore examines the role of effective communication skills, awareness, voluntary workers, provision of learning materials and spaces and liolidigvsz’evetzing lessons as essential machinery/0r church literacy. It is recommended that based on the place of church literacy in the society, parents. children church teachers, church ministers and all stake holders should support itfor the development ofthe nation.

Keywords: lllitcracy, Literacy resources, Skills development, Church literacy activities

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