Critical Literacy and Social Studies: Panacea for Peaceful Co-Existence
Prof. Olu Oyinloye
Dr Mrs EM. Osalusi
Department ofCurriculum Studies Department ofEducational
Ekiti State University
Foundations and Management
Ado # Ekiti
Ekiti State University
e-mail: Olugaby33 @yahoo. com
Ado — Ekiti, Nigeria

This paper examines the use of storytelling and proverbs to teach moral values, culture and society norms among the Yoruba community. These are some of the contents of Social Studies curriculum at the basic education level. Story telling and proverbs are told to listeners who in turn engage in active analysis of the texts in order to bring out their hidden meanings which will be adopted to real life and specific situations that such proverbs and story are related. Story telling is a means of handing down traditions from one generation to another among the Yoruba speech community. The study concluded that storytelling to children will expose them to the culture, values, norms and
sanctions in their communities. Proverbs also teach the listeners moral values and norms when they unravel the hidding meanings.
Keywords: proverb, storytelling, critical thinking. peace, moral.

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