During a recent conversation with one of the prominent educationists in this country on the issue of poor performance of students in WAEC and G.C.E., especially in English, it was observed that poor reading habits are a great contributor to the generally low educational achievement. It is a truism that one learns to read by reading. Since efficient reading is a prerequisite for understanding information possessed by the writer, it makes sense to assume that poor reading is one basic factor responsible for students’ poor academic achievement. Wallen (1985) stated that the basic goals of reading lie in these two areas, cognitive and affective. From the cognitive point of view, it is hoped that children will be skilled readers who have skills which make them self-propelling in searching for information on their own. From the affective point of view, it is hoped that children will use reading as a means of accomplishing ends that are important to them. The possibilities in reading are so vast and complex that no man expects to utilize them completely. Both gifted, average and below average students would benefit from proper development of reading skills.