Digital Literacy: Challenges And Prospects For English Language
Learners In Nigeria
Queen Ugochi Njemanze
Directorate Qf’Generul Studies
Federal University OfTechnology Owerri
e-mail- ugoniegalgmail. com

The concept of digital literacy is an aspect of technology enhanced education in the era of globalization which encapsulates rapidly (lereloping practices with technologiev in new mitts, This practice encourages the utilization of tlitterent technology communication gadgets which are prevalent in the user ’s environment. This study thus. centers on digital literacy, the inicrnet and short messag’ services (SMS) (Hill the challenges antlprospectsfin English language learners in the tertiary level ofeducation in Nigeria. The paper explores the teaching,’ methods munch/led with digital literacy ([CT).II concludes by adromtingjor its use with caution.

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Key words: Digital literacy. SMS, lntemct. English language and learning.

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