Effects of Pre-writing Activities on Essay Quality of NCE 1 Students of College of Education. Oju, Benue State
Ulrika Elijah ldikwu. College of Education. Oju. Benue State

The study investigates effects of[ire—writing activities on essay quality of NCE I students of College of Education, Oju, Benue State in order to find remedies for the poor performance of students in written composition. A sample of 744 students was drawn out of 3, 720 rising proportionate stratified random sampling technique into control and experimental groups.The experimental group was exposed to pre-writing activities while the control group was
not. Content, organisation, expression and mechanical accuracy were examined as indices for determining performance in essay quality. Lessons on essay writing and essay writing achievement test were used as instruments for data collection. A t—test analysis at 0.05 level of significance was used for data analysis. Results indicated that students who participated in pre-writing activities performed better than students who were not involved in pre—writing activities. Engaging students in creative and professional pie—writing activities is canvassed
as one way to improve students’ writing and enhance their literacy output.

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