Effects of Science/Mathematics Language Empowerment on Senior Secondary School
Students” Achievement and Interest in Chemistry in Public Secondary Schools
Niskuk- Abasi Udofia
Dept of Educational Foundations
University of Uyo, Uyo
Gloria-Lyne Kierun Etuk
Institute of Education. Faculty ofEducation,
University onyo. Uyo

The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of Science/Mathematics language empowerment on Senior Secondary 11 students’ achievement of Chemistry in public secondary schools in Akwa lbom State, The design was
Quasi experimental design specifically the non randomized pre-test/post—test control group design. A sample of100 students was drawn using criterion sample technique. The treatment group was empowered with special lessons on
Science/Mathematics language while the control group was not. Both groups were taught the same chemistry topics. The test instruments were Science/Mathematics language Achievement Test (SMLA T),Science/Mathematics language interest inventory (SMLII) and Science/Mathematics Language Ability Test (SMLAT). The reliability of the tests information were 0. 76, 0. 68, and 0. 76 respectively for the tests using the test retest method. Science /Mathematics Language empowerment had a significant influence on students” achievement in Chemistry test. However; no gender difference was observed. It was recommended that Chemist/y, Science and Mathematics teachers should empower their students through Science/Mathematics Language instruction in their teaching learning situations to enable the students master and apply Science/Mathematics Language correctly where necessary for improved performance in these subjects.

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