Reading is a sine qua non for the acquisition and use of knowledge. This role of reading points to the need to devise ways of equipping learners to be better readers. This is especially so in today’s knowledge driven society with emphasis or accessing and using information for optimal performance in various life situations. A competent reader is empowered for life to
intelligently source and use information to solve problems and make informed decisions. Equipping students to be skilful readers is one of the primary functions of the school. Success in performing this function however depends largely on the school having a meaningful reading programme that teaches not only the Skill of reading but also the strategies and procedures for executing this skills

This paper presents a teaching/learning framework to help learners become more efficient readers. The framework focuses on equipping learners with useful strategies for executing tasks requiring the skills of understanding. inferring. evaluating and drawing conclusion. The teaching
and learning of these skills are seen to be at the core of life—long learning to improve students‘ flexibility and adaptability in various life and work conic us. The proposed framework consists of guided activities that systematically lead learners to formulate hypotheses about a given text
and in the process learn to use appropriate response strategies to perform the target skills. Teaching learners the how of learning is the thrust of this paper.
Keywords: reading skills. strategic/cognitive instruction, thinking strategies/procedures