Wed. Jun 16th, 2021


Victor 0. Ogbeide Department of English and Literary Studies, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti


This paper examines the imperative of functional literacy for good governance in Ichehe’s Anthills of the Savannah. Jan countries have always placed premium on literacy need for every citizen to learn how to¬† read, write and carry out simple calculations. But the complex nature of the modern world urgent needs the attention of functional literacy if an efficient management of men and materials for sustainable development which is what good governance is all about is not to remain an illusion. Functional literacy gaurantees good governance. A functionally literate leader is progressive people-oriented and development driven. The opposite, which is the case in this novel in focus, is the first step in the slippery, road to oppression, underdevelopment and misrule. Bereft of constructive ideas but enamored on the perquisites of power, President Sam who comes to power through a coup resorts to brute force 10 perpetuate his stay in office. The consequences of this are indeed telling as the people of Kangun are terrorized and pauperized and the country tethered to the marble of underdevelopment and corruption until a counter coup comes to remove the president from power. For good governance therefore it is the contention of this paper that functional literacy must be a critical criterion. Leaders must be fictionally literate not only to be able to generate progressive ideas but also to enable them see beyond the privileges to The responsibilities attached to their high office with Humility: For indeed. if readers are leaders, the leaders themselves must be readers in order for them to update their knowledge cd bring it to hear on the challenges facing their communities in a dynamic world.

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