Harnessing the Potentials of New Literacies For Sustainable Peace And Security
Dada Esther M. (MRS)
Institute of Education,
Faculty of Education
Ekiti State University,
Ado—Ekiti, Nigeria
E-mail: estherjoysamy@yahoo. com

The word literacy has been used in much broader sense that refers to other skills and competencies that go beyond traditional literacy. This is brought about by the era of globalization and highly digitalized communication process. This changing concept of literacy has been captured using such terms as ‘new literacies’, ‘multimodal literacy’, ‘multi literacies’ ‘digital literacy)” etc. The wider availability of communication makes for greater social and political participation among the citizens and this calls for a new level of literacy It is against this backdrop that this paper examined the concept of new literacies and their potentials for effecting sustainable peace and security in a nation like Nigeria that is currently facing a lot of peace and security challenges. Appropriate recommendations are made.
Key words: Multiliteraces, digital literacy, information and communication technology peace and security

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