Home Environment and Literacy Skills Development
Mary E. U. Ogah, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki

Home environment consists of the private living quarters of a family, the surroundings especially the material and spiritual influences which affect the growth, development and existence of a living being. In Africa, it consists of parents, children, extended family members and activities that go on in the family. In the Nigerian context, two major types of homes could be identified, the traditional homes with illiterate parents and family elders and the modern homes with literate parents. These two major types of homes exert different influences on literacy skills development of their children. Literacy skills that are examined in this paper are reading, writing and language development. The influence of the two major types of homes and other types that fall in between them are also examined; their impediments to the development of literacy skills and home practices that encourage positive literacy skills development. Recommendations for overcoming obstacles to positive development of these skills are made.

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