Influence of Prior Knowledge of Text on Reading Miscue Among Junior Secondary School Students
Isaac Nnam Ohia, University of  lbadan

The study was conceived to find out the influence of” prior knowledge of text on reading miscue among/latter secondary school students, establish patterns of miscue exhibited by the population as well as the influence of prior knowledge of text on such miscue. Twenty students 7 ten males and ten females from Ibadan South East Local Government Area constituted the subjects for the study. An Informal Reading Inventory, Tape Recorder,Questionnaire and Running Records were used to collect data. Both descriptive and in inferential statistics were used to analyse the data. The results show the pattern of miscue to include mispronunciation, substitution, insertion, omission, reversal, regression, unsuccessful attempt at correction and self correction. Although. the result also shows that prior knowledge of text positively influences reduction of reading miscues among the students,
there was no difference in miscue pattern according to age and gender of the students. The implications of these for teachers, students, parents, curriculum planner sand the government have been discussed.

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