Integrating Tiv Socio— Cultural Practice with Literacy Instruction for Peace and Social
Order: What L2 Teacher should do
*T. Terver Udu &” Mansasseh Udu
*Department of’Eng/ish & Literacy Studies, College of Education, Katsina ~Ala
*Wantor Model College. Adikpo. Kwande LGA, Bennie State
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This paper identifies and discusses some Tv Socio — cultured practice by pointing out how they can be effectively utilized in literacy instruction to achieve peace and social order. It reviews Levlygostsky ’s theory of social development that considered language as a social and cultural phenomenon that is centred to the development of thinking, the paper argues that the acquisition of literacy skills and character development generally are in the context of the learner is home Culture. It points out the link between Tiv cultured practices and literacy activities and what the L2 teacher can and should do in helping school children acquire critical literacy skill such as encouraging
mother tongue-based instruction and making lessons communicative in focus.
Key Words: Socio— cultural Practice, literacy instruction, peace, social order

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