Listening Skill: An Essential Component in Literacy Development of a Second Language Learner
B. U. Nwaogu, Fedral Ploytechnic, Nekede, Owcrri

This paper sets out to examine the place of listening as a skill in the overall development of literacy skill for a second language learner. It posits that listening, speaking and reading are so symbolically related that none can actually function in isolation of the other. Some previous studies on second language learning had tended to ignore the importance of listening skill in the overall development a literacy skill for a second language learner.Rather, it was taken for granted that once reading and speaking skills had been taught to the learners, by implication, listening skill has also been taught. This paper argues that since listening is a conscious behaviour that involves hearing, sifting, interpreting and reacting, it must be simultaneously developed with speaking skill for the learner to communicate
effectively in the second language.

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