Literacy as a Tool for Gender Parity A Harvest of Fulfilled Literate Heroines in Selected Female-Authored Nigerian Novels
Chima Igbokwe and Amara E. Chukwmli—Ofoedu
Department of General Studies,
Abia State Polytechnic, Aba

This paper looks at the subject of equal literacy opportunity/or all in Nigeria as away of’ bridging the gap between the male and female genders whether as writers,characters or protagonists in literature. The reason for this study is not farfetched:a great percentage of women and girls in Nigeria do not enjoy equal literacy opportunities with their male counterparts. This paper reveals that the above situation limits the female potentials while, at the same time, promotes those of the male. This denial has affected the Nigerian woman in two ways. First,she could not write as an author to express her views and make meaningful Contributions in the Nigerian patriarchal society. Second. she could not express her displeasure with the second—rate assessment given to her as an author; or heroine by the early male novelists in Nigeria. This paper has found out that providing equal educational opportunity for both male and female is the surest means of promoting gender parity. It recommends equal educational opportunities for both male and female at all levels as a way of” ensuring even development of both genders and enhancing societal development.

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