Literacy, Creativity And Mass  Communication.
Dr. Wale Osisanw

The writer of fiction has several tools at his disposal for the purpose of communicating his ideals, beliefs. experiences and the totality of his message to his anticipated reader. Among such tools are language elements such as lexical
items, sentence patterns. semantic patterning, semantic fields and special usages. The analytical research being reported in this paper sought to find out the semantic value of aspect of the grammar of English as a communication tool used by writes of fiction. This is the use of English syntactic intensifiers, as part of the stylistic instrument of the writer. Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe was selected as an illustrative text. the investigation reveals a high frequency of usage of intensifiers in the text. It also reveals that a great deal of discourse messages hinge on these intensifiers. For the reader to get the semantic import of the message, he has to understand and appreciate the semantic value of the intensifiers used. The paper concludes with suggestions for the reading teacher so as to achieve the goal of literacy for emancipation.

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