Literacy Empowerment among Newly-Literate Adults: Implications for Human Resources Development in Nigeria
Ngazilm A. Nwaoku, Ph.D
Department of Curriculum Studies, Educational Management and Flaming
University of Uyo, Uyo

Acquisition of the skills of reading and writing by adult learners is fundamental to their literacy skill development. These newly—literate adults soon loose their newly acquired reading and writing skills If they are not constantly supplied in touch with reading materials, and also given opportunities to practise what they have learnt. In Nigeria, there is dearth both of reading materials for newly literate adults and of teachers trained specifically to meet their needs. Rarely do this group of learners and their teachers have the opportunity to attend work shops and training programmes designed to meet their literacy needs. This article focuses on meeting the post—literacy material needs of new literate adults through the provision of community bulletin—boards and newsletters. It also buttresses the
need for the development of human resources to help meet these need who would regularly present them with reading materials and also give them opportunities to practise their writing skills.

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