Literacy for Academic Purposes: An Analysis of Microbiology Abstracts and Strategies for Writing Readable Research Abstracts.
Nneka N. Osakwe

An important aspect of “academic literacy” is the ability to write ‘readable‘march abstracts, Abstract suiting is one of the literacy functions that most students, teachers and researchers in tertiary institutions perform in their academic career. Despite the brief nature of abstracts, it has been discovered that many students fin it difficult to write good abstracts for their research projects.This is an unfortunate trend considering the importance of abstracts in research
reports. This paper presents a report of an analysis of 15 microbiology abstracts written by final year students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka The intention of the analysis is to identify patterns of moves’ and problems in
student’s abstracts. These are revealed in the results together with the extent to which students abstracts compared with the established pattern of moves recommended by genre experts in the field. The findings led the author to conclude that students and teachers need help in research abstract writing. The author therefore provides strategic recommendations for writing research abstracts.

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