Literacy For Education At The Primary Level A Content Analysis Of The Reading Comprehension Passages In The Primary English Readers.
Suzanna J. Umoh

The goal of primary education, according to National Policy on Education (1981),is the development of permanent literacy and numeracy. Given the fact that education is an on—going activity which starts from the cradle and terminates in the grave, the curriculum at the primary level should be broad and varied enough to provide a sound educational footing for all pupils. The rationale is that many Nigerian pupils terminate their formal education at this level. As this is often the. case, one way of helping them realise the philosophy of education, especially that
of “permanent literacy’” is through reading passages as found in their primers.Moreover, English readers are one of the commonest textbooks primary schoolchildren (in Nigeria) normally own and love to read. Therefore, it becomes
necessary that the comprehension passages be varied enough in their contents so as to expose the children to other subject areas or disciplines.Based on the foregoing, this paper seeks to answer the following question. “How
varied are the contents of the Reading Comprehension passages found in the Primary school readers?”

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