Literacy for Socio-Political Emancipation
S.I.Ekpe (Mrs).
Literacy and Reading In Nigeria.

In an enlightenment campaign, the literate Nigerian public should be able to read and understand the written message of the organ of social change in order to be affected-by it. For this to be achieved, the language of publications geared towards political emancipation for social change must be in consonance with the perceived
level of literacy of the target audience arbitrarily fixed at senior secondary class three (SSS 3). Three readabiltiy formulae are applied to nine books produced by the defunct MAMSER to evaluate their suitability for SSS 3 students. it was found that only one out of the nine books was of readability level corresponding with SSS 3. However, all the salient messages in the other eight were well elucidated in this one book. This indicates an effort on the part of the author to adapt literacy to the readability level of the audience.

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