Literacy in English: News on the Board as Integrative Strategy for ESL Learners
Gabriel B. Egbe
Veritas University, Abuja (The Catholic University of Nigeria)

Learners need multiple roads to literacy and language learning. Children who are provided multiple opportunities for learning are more likely to be more motivated to develop useful life long literacy and language skills. In this study we present News on the Board (NOB) as an integrative, creative as well as democratic strategy for literacy in English learning. The paper is part of a report of the 2005 Vacation Reading Programme (VRP) of the Reading Association of Nigeria in Calabar, Cross River State. Specifically, the paper reports on how NOB provided multiple opportunities for reluctant and disruptive learners to be engaged in meaningful literacy in English learning. The NOB processes, the literacy lessons, and the implications for literacy in English learning as a second language are explored in this study.

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