Literacy, Peace and Good Governance: A Paradigm for Sustainable Development
Mrs. Rebecca Isaac Umaru Ph.d
Aminu Ibrahim Shama
Department ofArts And Social Science Education,
Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

The paper diseases literacy, peace and good governance as the key to sustainable development. These three concepts put together is seen as the engine that drives development and growth of any nation. The importance of good leadership in nation building particularly in the fields of generating powerful process of sustainable development and transformation through good governance and peaceful co-existence were highlighted. The paper also looks at the effect of bad leadership, which brings hardship, discourages progress and unity in nation building. To achieve sustainable development, education is the key to creating good governance and peaceful coexistence. Recommendations were made on how our leaders can create an enabling environment so that peoplecan be prepared to meet the challenges of development.

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