Literacy, Peace and Good Governance: A Panacea to Meteoric Development in Nigeria
Isaac Tamunobelema (Ph.D)
Department of English Studies
University of Port Harcourt
isaactams@yahoo. com/080334151 61

In this study, certain fundamental issues regarding the rapid and sustainable development of:?:e nation are examined. Having glossed over the unacceptable underdeveloped state of the nation since independence, the very crucial factors for development, such as literacy, peace and good governance are discussed Literacy, the ability to read, write, a continuum of learning etc enables the individual to develop his knowledge and potential for positive use. Peace, the absence of crisis, is the fertile ground for growth, while good governance harnesses both for the desired rapid growth of the nation. Though these crucial factors have not been fully developed, useful suggestions are made which are capable of navigating the nation on the fast lane of sustainable social, political and economic development in the near future.

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