Literacy, Peace and Political Stability
Joseph C. Ogbodo
Senior Lecturer;
Use of English Unit,
School of General Studies,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The theme for the International Literacy Day 2012 which is ‘literacy and peace’ has been adopted by the United Nations Literacy Decade (UNLD) to draw attention to the role literacy can play towards improving the quality of human life ( The nexus of peace and political stability is very highly essential to the role literacy plays in improving the quality of human life Literacy, peace and political stability is therefore a tripod – one cannot stand well in the absence of the others. This paper examines the interplay of literacy in ensuring peace; political stability in promoting literacy; and literacy and peace in ensuring political stability The research methodology is literature search with evidence cited in Nigeria and some other African countries The literature search yielded incontrovertible evidence that countries that are politically stable encourage and support literacy. Literacy on the other hand has been found to banish ignorance,enhance peace for social existence, and invariably increase life span. The paper therefore submits that the tripartite term — literacy, peace, and political stability a are intertwined; that a nation that has a very high percentage of literacy must be one whose peace and political stability are palpable.
Key words: Literacy, Peace, Political Stability

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