MEET THE RAN EXECUTIVES (2018-2020) ⬇⬇⬇⬇

Professor, Stella I Ekpe,
PhD Dept of English & Literary Studies University of Calabar, Calabar.

Stella Ikhesor Ekpe, PhD, is a member of the International Literacy Association, and has been a member of the Reading Association of Nigeria since 1990. She has served in the Cross River Branch as Treasurer (1990 – 1999); Vice Chairperson (2003 – 2005) and Chairperson (2005 – 2007). Before becoming President, she had served as National Director of Membership (1997 – 1999) and Vice President (2016 – 2018). Stella has organized, co-facilitated and participated in several TOT workshops for parents, and for primary (and secondary) school teachers, presented papers at RAN’s biennial conferences and the Pan African Literacy for All conferences, as well as co-authored journal articles and book chapters on literacy and reading, iincluding (titles only): Fostering positive attitudes towards reading: Insights from the literacy autobiographies of some young Nigerian adults; Nearly everything you can do with Leo in the Library; Teaching phonics in Nigerian primary schools.; Reading in the content areas: A brief review; Picture story as a creative connection between reading and writing: The Nigerian experience; Beginning reading at the grassroots: The experience in some fishing communities in Nigeria; Something is happening here: Literacy immersion for early intervention; A micro-survey of gender awareness among some Nigerian primary school teachers; Deconstructing Facebook posts for sustainable democratic development in Africa: A Critical Literacy approach. The Budding Author series of young persons writing for young persons was inspired by the creative writing efforts of Nigerian children attending the Vacation Reading Programme organized regularly by the Cross River Branch of the Association between 1991 and 2007. The initiative has witnessed the co-authoring of a series of RAN Little Books in which the budding authors provided the storylines: Our own haiku poems; Nta leaves Ubaha; King I-did-not-become-rich-to-help-the-poor; Cocaine dealer ( Ugbe visits Otutu, Otutu is banished, Edem is a graduate, Edem goes to jail); Journey of a stolen fish (a Big Book pack). As a contribution to meeting the challenge of a dearth of reading materials for children, our use of authentic content in literacy materials production, and our search for means of funding the enterprise remain a preoccupation. Stella enjoys walking and spending time in reading interactions with the children in her adopted community, where she has set up an adhoc reading centre in the neighbourhood

Graceful Onovughe OFODU. (PhD)
Associate Professor of English Language Education
Dept of Arts and Language Education
Ekiti State University, ADO-EKITI, Nigeria.
Vice – President
Irene C.I. Mbanefo (Mrs)
Director, Federal Republic of
Nigeria, Rtd,
Immediate Past President,
Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN)
Abuja, Nigeria.
Helen Aghamelu, PhD
Department of Theatre &Film Studies
Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Godwin O Ushie, PhD
Department of English & Literary Studies
University of Calabar
Frank O Agulu
Community Secondary School
Umuoba Anam, Otuocha Educational Zone
Anambra East LGA
Director of Membership

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