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Membership of RAN is open to all professionals who need and use literacy skills. It is not limited to teachers of English, Literature and Language Arts. The following are the membership categories:

1)    Personal:

This is open to all Nigerians nationwide and to interested non-Nigerians normally resident in Nigeria.

2)    Institutional:

This is open to bodies such as academic departments, ministries of education, research agencies, etc.

3)    Hononary:

This is open to distinguished Nigerians as well as foreign nationals’ not normally resident in Nigeria who have made and are willing to make remarkable contributions to reading and literacy in Nigeria. This membership is by conferment.

4)    Student:

This is extended only to those receiving full-time courses of instruction in colleges and universities.

5)    Hall of Honour:

This is RAN members who have made outstanding contributions to the growth and development of literacy. This membership is by conferment.

RAN Executives (2019-2020):

The RAN EXCO MEMBERS for 2019-2020

  • Prof. Onukaogu                             (BOT Chairman)
  • Mrs. Irene Chinwe Mbanefo       (Immediate Past President)
  • Prof. Stella. I. Ekpe                        (President)
  • Dr. Grace Ofodu                             ( Vice-President)
  • Dr. Helen Aghamelu                      (Secretary)
  • Dr. Godwin Ushie                           (Treasurer)
  • Frank Agulu. O (Apostle)               (Director of Membership)

RAN Executives (2016 -2018):

The new RAN EXCO MEMBERS for 2016-2018

Prof. Chinwe Muodumogu( Immediate past IDC chair and BOT Member)

Mr Thaddeaus Ioryem(Director membership)

Prof. Stella Ekpe (National vice president)

Prof. Chukwuemeka Onukaogu( BOT chair)

Mrs Irene Chinwe Mbanefo(National President, RAN)

Dr. Sunday Osam Etim(Secretary general)

Mrs Abiodun Ayeni-Daniyan (National treasurer)

Dr. Gabriel Egbe (Immediate Past President)

Prof Lulu Uwatt (BOT Member)


RAN is a National Affiliate of International Literacy Association (ILA) with Headquarters in Newark, Delaware United State of America. The Chapter was given in 1984.

RAN is also a Member of the International Development Committee for Africa (IDC-Africa), Pan-Africa umbrella of ILA.

Relationship of RAN and ILA

(a)   As a national Affiliate, RAN and RAN members benefits immensely from ILA’s publication, grants, donations and gifts.

(b)   Immediately after election, the affiliate president sends in the names of the affiliate’s officers on forms provided by Headquarters.

(c)   Affiliate officers share news about ILA contained in the newsletters and at affiliate meetings.

(d)   National affiliate are encouraged to translate and reproduce for their own non-commercial professional use only materials copyrighted by the Association. Specific requests should be sent to the Director of Publications at Headquarters with statement of the number of copies intended for distribution, the intended use of the materials, the intended audience and the means planned for reproduction.

Interest Areas and Interest Groups

The promotion of literacy and reading is a continuous, development enterprise. Consequently, RAN is committed to:

(a)   Reducing the level of illiteracy nationwide,

(b)   Sustaining literacy at all levels and in all facets of life.

Individual members, groups, branches and chapters may select for special focus any of the following suggested special concerns:

1     Level of Interest Groups

  1. Early Literacy/Pre-school
  2. Primary School Reading
  3. Secondary School Reading
  4. College/University Reading
  5. Adult Literacy

2     Areas of Professional Interests

  1. Administration and Supervision
  2. Professional Development

3.    Adult Literacy

  1. Adolescent Literacy
  2. Assessment and Testing ( Diagnosis)
  3. Beginning Reading and Writing

4.   Classroom Strategies

5.  Comprehension Skills and Strategies