Nigerian Education and Functional Literacy By the Year 2,000: How Feasible?
Dr. (Mrs) C. I.Ikegbunam

The National Commission for Mass Education has designed scheme for mass literacy education which should make 100 percent of our non-literate citizens functionally and permanently literate by the year 2000. It will guarantee that after six years of schooling, these adults would be able to read simple descriptive literature about life and living in the larger world in which they live. write simple letters and cope effectively in all areas in which literacy is required. The writer feels that these are ideas too far fetched now in Nigeria when we cannot make literate our children in secondary schools after twelve (12) years of schooling. It is suggested that we, first of all, address ourselves to ameliorating the falling standard of English Language in our secondary schools through improved performances in English comprehension using the SQ3R study technique. The gains derived by children from this skills will permeate the larger society ‘ and make these illiterate adults teachable in the shortest time possible.

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