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  1. It promises to be a unique event, a Conference with a difference. All our RAN Members should give this the widest publicity. By the grace of the Almighty, we’ll all be there.

  2. Yes Prof,
    I really believe we are on course. The next step is the larger LOC meeting which should be coming up soon

  3. This is a wide point of Literacy enhancement for the Nigerian government support,in catalyzing a positive change.Organizations of literacy stake should be allowed to register for their activities up to primary schools.
    We in community Empowerment and Education DevelopmentInitiative-Nigeria will be part of the pan African programme.

  4. The National Executive Committee just concluded her inaugural meeting, it was a huge success. I want to appriciate my president, Mrs. Irene Nbanefor for the success of the meeting, in the same breath, to enjoin all RAN members to rally round her towards the success of the forth-coming PALFA 2017. Thank you all.

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