Picture Books Can Speak a Thousand Words for Peace
Katrina A. Korb
University of Jos

The purpose of this paper is to outline how oral stories as picture books can foster both early literacy skills and peaceful coexistence. Nigeria has a rich tradition of oral storytelling. Traditionally: the lessons conveyed by these stories were the main instructional method for the moral instruction of young children. .More recently, some of these oral stories have been effectively transformed into picture boo/(star young children (cg. Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears by VernaA ardeina). The thesis of this paper is that picture books based on oral stories can play two powerful roles: fostering early literacy skills and providing a foundation for peace education among pupils of all ages. Therefore, educators and parents should more frequently transform oral stories into picture books to provide an
Opportunity for young children to practice their literacy skills with authentic and culturally—relevant literature. Second, parents and educators should engage children in discussions on peace principles highlighted by the stories Nigerian educators should return to the traditional educational tools developed by the wisdom oft/1e culture and use these oral stories to teach both peace principles and improve early literacy across the nation.

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