Development in all aspects of a nation’s life is facilitated to literacy pronot ion. A nation,s levef ;i technological , economic and political deve lopment is largely a reflection of its level of literacy development-, The theme of ifrl” conference, “Literacy for AlI By the yeir 2000: Strategies foi success” is, therefore, particularly appropriate at this itage of Nat ional Development, when the country -is preparing to retur-n to denocrat ic, civilian government, alI of us *”ho- rre issociated with the Reading Association of Nigeria have reason to be proud of the initiative RAN has taken,. since its incept ion in lgg2,
the taking up chal lenges of promot ing Iiteracy development in ltieeria, -Now
that we have entered the final decade to thl year 2000, we in naf.l are particularly chal lenged by the task ahead of us, f,et us ask ourselves three quest ions:
What specific challenges must be met if literacy for all by the year 2000 is to be attained?
. How has the Reading
Assoc iat ion of Nigeria contributed up to now in meet ing these chal lenges? Finally, how can each of us as individual menbers of RAN contribute toward meeting the challenge of literacy for all by iG year 2000?