Progressive Approach to Learning in Teacher Education for Lifelong Literacy
Wisdom Inibehe Jude and Alice Effiong Udosen
Department of Curriculum and Teaching, College of Education , Afaha Nsit1
Akwa Ibom State.
2Department of Curriculum Studies Educational Management and Planning2
University of Uyo, Uyo.

Knowledge is not once in a lifetime experience but an asset, which constantly must be updated through change. This paper explores the issue of progressive approach to learning in teacher education and the needed lifelong literacy in Nigeria. The review highlights the reality of teacher education in Nigeria; the progressive approach to learning in terms of learning and innovation; information and technology; life and career. Since, learning is an ongoing social
activity in a knowledge driven economy, connected by globalization and continuous technological advancement, it becomes imperative that a shift in ideology and practice be geared towards result oriented learning. The paper x-rays the symbiotic relationship between progressive and traditional approach to learning; lifelong literacy; issues and challenges in teacher education. Most students admitted into education programmes are rejects or nonperforming
students in other courses. This culminates in to having mostly unmotivated,uninterested and poor performers as graduates of teacher education institutions. Thus,incentives are recommended among others to attract quality students into the teaching profession.

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