Reading Disability: Implications for the Classroom Teacher

Eziaku K. Ukoha, Abia State University, Uturu


Within the Nigerian school system, little seems to be known or done about forms of reading disabilities. This paper discusses various forms of reading disability found in the conventional classroom as well as the various causes of reading disability and the techniques and intervention strategies to tackle them. Since many children could be underachieving because of one form of disability or the other, we recommend that modalities should be put in place to screen children at all levels, particularly at the early level of education. All schools, or at the worst, all State School Management Boards should have the soft-ware and computers for screening children and provide for remediation programmes. Children that are found to have serious disabilities should be put in special schools in order to provide every child access to education. In addition, the curriculums of guidance counsellors and teachers-in-training should include courses that will prepare them to take care of this challenge.

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