Relationship between Reading Ability and Oral Skills of EBSU Students in Language Proficiency
Chinyere H. Maduabuchi
Department of Arts and Social Science Education, Islzz’eke Annex, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki


Reading is the gateway to the mastery of all school subjects, and a sure way to formal learning. It opens up every frontier of knowledge, and exposes learners to various encounters with words. This dynamic role of reading not withstanding, most Nigerian students can neither read nor speak well, because they lack the required skills for language proficiency.This study is a survey that investigated the relationship between the reading ability and oral
skills of EBSU students in language proficiency. Two hundred and thirty two (232) EBSU students were purposively selected from Faculty of Education and were exposed to reading ability and oral skill tests in order to ascertain the correlation of the two in their language proficiency. Two research questions and hypotheses guided the study and were tested at p <0.05 alpha level of significance. Data collected were analysed using Pearson Product Moment Correlation and t-test statistics .The findings reveal that there was a direct or proportion effect of reading ability on oral skills of EBSU students, while the two hypotheses indicated that there were no significant differences in their mean performance suggesting the need for better approaches to teaching reading. Based on these,- the paper concludes by proffering some cures to reading hurdles for proficient.

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