Role of Literacy in the Enhancement of Gender Parity in Nigeria
Martin Amaechi (Martinamaechi@Yahoo.Com), Patricia Ohakamma
and Ahaiwe C. Kenneth (
School of General Studies
Abia State Polytechnic, Aba

Literacy as defined by Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary’ is simply “the ability to read and write However; majority of Nigerians are not literate, especially the womenfolk whom Circumstances of culture, religion, and society have placed in a disadvantaged position, in this regard. In this paper; we define gender parity as uniformity in status, wages, political visibility, access to development benefits like education , health, etc between men and women, In today ‘s Nigeria, the situation ‘”women still centres on lack of financial resources, poor information, and, knowledge, and formal education, lack of voice in public discourse and poor communication or representation in the corridors of power: Our task in this paper is to find out what have placed our women in this obscure and uncharitable position in the society, x-ray these positions as they are today, and proffer workable solutions to it. we shall also try to bring to more limelight, the need to educate our women and position them  for national development. Above all. we recommend equal rights for both gender in all areas and strata as well as vigorous and uninhibited education of the women as the most potent women against gender disparity.

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