Role of Rural Libraries in Literacy Promotion for the Empowerment of Rural Women in Nigeria
lwok Nnah Shabi, Obafcmi Awolowo University, lle Ife. and
Abiola Amos Okunlola, Obafcmi Awolowo University. lle lfe

Most of Nigeria’s illiterate population live in the rural areas and women make a larger percentage of this number. This paper examines the role rural libraries play to empower rural women through literacy promotion as well as the various ways by which the public libraries in the rural communities can serve as agents of information, education and communication. Since the rural libraries provide access to information for all persons irrespective of gender on a wide variety of issues, the rural women could use this avenue as a means of self improvement. Information is a crucial factor in the acquisition of knowledge and elevation of the human person. This implies that relevant information, collected and repackaged by the library, can meet the literacy needs of the rural women and re—mould positively the destiny of children, families in the rural communities and the nation at large.Recommendations on how rural librarianship can fulfil its role as a positive change agent among rural women in Nigeria are suggested.

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