Final Schedule of Paper Presentations

Dear Participants and Presenters,

We wish to present to you the final conference programme for the 10th PALFA Conference holding in Abuja, Nigeria from August 27-31, 2017. We invite participants to crosscheck their presentations. However, if there are any observations, kindly notify us through any of the contacts below. However, be rest assured that we shall address all issues which cannot be handle now on your arrival. We look forward to welcoming to Abuja to enjoy the peace and hospitality of Nigeria’s capital city, ABUJA.

For those yet to register for the conference, kindly visit:

  1. Our website:; click on the Registration menu and follow the prompts to register
  2. Note that only registered presenters/participants would be catered for.
  3. To allow the Conference Organizers plan for your trip and participation effectively, we advise all to register online.
  4. We advise all participants/presenters who travel by air especially non-Nigerians to furnish the Conference Secretariat with their travel itinerary to enable the Conference organizers track your travel for possible assistance at the airport.
  5. There will be provisions for power point presentations in each venue. However, those who wish to submit their papers for assessment and publication should remember to submit a soft copy of their paper (s) on arrival or forward softcopies of their papers to any of the persons listed below.
  6. Participants may come with hard copies if that is convenient.
  7. Papers to be submitted for assessment and publication should be prepared using recent APA Style sheet 6th edition and such papers should not exceed 15 pages in 12 points Times New Roman including attachments.
  8. If you have any questions about the status of your abstract; or you do not find your presentation(s) on the attached conference programme; or you need any clarifications about the Conference, kindly contact any of the following immediately:




Gabriel: or

We look forward to welcoming you to Abuja, Nigeria.

Gabriel B. Egbe, Ph.D

Chair, Conference Programmes Committee

Download Complete Final Schedule of Paper Presentations