School Library As A Foundationional Step in Achieving Literacy Learning of the School
Child in Early Childhood Education in Nigeria
John Igiri Ominyi
The College Library, College of Education.
Oju PMB 2035 Otukpo, Benue stole
08135248148. Email… . igiriominiyi@gmail. com
Victorial Yemi Fagbemi
Department of Library and Information Science.
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
07063 42645 7. E-mail… or yemmiequeenl:ulyahoo. com

Early Childhood education is the education provided in the educational institutions to children prior to their entering the primary school. it includes the creche, the nursery, and the kindergarten. It intended to develop children’s habits, attitudes and skills needed for primary education. The attainment of the objectives of early childhood education hinges on the availability of school library: School library with its resources is seen as the key concept of learning process towards literacy achievement of the school child. This paper discusses the meaning of early childhood education, its historical development and the objectives of early childhood education. It highlights on the concept of school library as a propelling force in achieving literacy learning within this level of education.
The objectives, the place of school library and its resources in literacy learning are discussed. The paper sees school policy and curriculum, school environment, home influence and classroom as affecting literacy learning of the school child. It odvocates for the redesign of the school policy and curriculum to include the indigenous language, local folklores and on the issue of home influence, parents are to spend part of’their income in buying books for their children and encourage reading to learn habit at an early age. Teachers in the classroom should know the types of books children love to read, as aspect of literacy learning and create reading corner in the classroom.

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