This author intends to observe the influence of certain socio-personal factors on the responses of some readers to two English texts and examine the implications of the findings for English textual studies in Nigerian universities. Two assumptions that thus underlie this study are that certain social and personality factors can influence the attitudes of readers when they interpret texts (Dechant and Smith, 1977), and that such attitudes should be taken into consideration in drawing efficient and effective
programmes of teaching English (Catford, 1959), The two texts used in the study came from two different versions of The Bible, the King James Version and the Living Bible. (See appendix.) The two texts present the
same information via different modes of expression. The questions addressed in the study are:
a. Do both texts appeal to readers in the same way?
b. Which of the two texts appeals more to readers and why?
c. What implication(s) does the answer to ‘a’ and ‘b’ above have for textual studies in ESL institutions of higher learning?