Given the poor standard of English Language teaching in Nigerian primary and secondary school leve1s, there is the need for a comnunicative course which will enable the students to have the communicative conpetenceĀ  essential for learning in the Universlty. The Use of English – the current practice of teaching comnunicative skills in Nigerian universities – has been, in the recent past, criticised as not being capable of achieving the desired goals and objectives. English for Academic Purpose – a more result-oriented method of teaching communicative skills – is now being considered as a possible and better alternative than the Use of English.
In this paper, the suggestion that UOE be replaced with EAP is endorsed.
However, the thinking here is that if the Nigerian undergraduete does not have the relevant Reading Comprehension skills needed for EAP, the inplementation of EAP will be impeded. A study of the RC performance of Nigerian undergraduates shows clearly that their” Level of RC is grossly inadequate for the kind of reading tasks which an ‘EAP programme entails. The paper then suggests that ways be found for the solution of the RC deficiencies of the students if they are to benefit optimally and maximally from any EAP programme designed for Nigerian universitles. It is only then the undergraduate is an active participant in the EAP programme, given a good standard of Reading Comprehension that he can facilitate the implementation of EAP by being able to do the tasks implicit in EAP programnes.