The importance of literacy in overall national development cannot be over-emphasized. This paper reports efforts made by the Benue State Government to provide mass literacy for the citizenry with assistance from UNDP and UNICEF. Particular focus is on how Etulo community,
an enclave in the Tiv-speaking area of Benue State has struggled on the path of community literacy with the use of English, Tiv and Etulo simultaneously. This paper, through a historical perspective, sketches the status of Etulo community literacy from the 19505 to date. It suggests that there is an urgent need for the establishment of an Etulo community library, to support and sustain the efforts of the State government. In this direction, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN) and other public—spirited individuals are called upon to offer their contributions to increase literacy in Etulo community of Benue State.