The content of favourite television programmes and story books has received little attention from empirical research, although it has been established that young adolescents would quickly view television progranmes based on such stories-This study of the ability of JSS students lo perceive general and specific content of television serials and their favourite story books was conducted in four randomly selected schools in Lagos State. Subjects were instructed and guided to watch television programmes on three story books which they have read for leisure. The serials were aired by the Nalional Television Authority (NTA) on network service. At the end of the quarter, questionnaires were administered on them to test their perception of the content and quality of television and story books. Results showed significant difference between boys and girls at 0.05 level” on perception of general content and, consequently a rejection of the null hypothesis. The comparison between boys and girls on specific content was highly significant at 0.05 level. Generally, boys and girls showed a high level perception of the content of television and story books.