The Challenges of Literacy Learning Spaces for Undergraduates
With Special Needs in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Chioma C.O Noh
Nnamdi Azikiwe Library,
University ofNigeria, Nsukka
E—mail: chioma.
Adizetu A. Ali
Nnamdi Azikiwe Library,
University ofNigeria,Nsukka
E—mail.‘ adiezu. ali@unn. edu. ng.
Chika P. Madumerc
Nnamtii Azikiwe Library,
Universiiy ofNigeria,Nsukka
E—mail: chi/caat‘laani@gmail. com

A bstract
This paper investigates the challenges of lilerac)‘ learning spacesfor the undergraduates with special needs in the University 0/ Nigeria, Nsu/xka. The physically challengedpersons are often referred to as people with special needs; they are the class ofindividuals who havephysical or mental impairment that substantially limit them in major life activities. Physical disabilities can create tremendous cmtfusion andflustration for persons with special needs, especially if they cannot cope with the emerging learning opportunities provided by the literacy learning space. The study discusses the learning spaces created by the World Wide Web which has opened newer innovations in networkbased applications and opportunities for learning as opposed the normal classroom learning environment and libraries. The persons with special needs can utilized the ICTfacilitiesfor reading, learning, research an social interactions. Also, this emergence ofliteracy learning spaces has brought an environment that aflects pedagogical approaches such as the use ofwireless networking, laptops,videoconferencing etc. These might enable undergraduates with special needs to overcome challenges oi’discrimination, prejudice, poor access to information. stereotypes, and unequal opportunities with others. The paper suggests that there should be inclusive classroom, library fitcilities and literacy learning spacesfor both the undergraduates with special needs and others. These ofler equal opportunitiesfor them andhelp to reduce the emotional andpsychological trauma created by their disabilities. Also, libraries should recruit aides specifically to help the undergraduates with special needs to benefit andparticipate as much aspossiblefrom the learning opportunitiesprovided by literacy learning spaces,
Keywords: Literacy learning Spaces, Challenges, Undergraduates, Special Needs

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