The Role of Education In Librarians‘ Acquisition Of Information Literacy
William 0. Nkanu, A. S. Ebaye and Victoria A. Iyishu
The University Library
Cross River University of Technology, Calabar

This paper highlights the role of education in the acquisition of information literacy among librarians. For Nigerian librarians to fully utilize available opportunities arising from the use of emerging digital technologies. and contend
with the challenges offered by globalization, they must acquire the necessary skills to find, locate and use information from print sources, computer and other storage media to enhance their professional growth. Librarians need to acquire broad—based education that will assist them to confidently demonstrate their information literacy competence to the world of scholarship. Based on the views articulated in this paper; it is believed that the panacea for our society’s progress does not lie only on librarians’ efforts, but also on their ability to use emerging information search tools to generate, store, retrieve. package and use relevant information. The paper suggests that, Nigerian librarians should embark on periodic in—housetraining programmes through workshops, conferences, and seminars for the purpose of capacity building and knowledge development to enhance their information literacy competence.

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