Thirteen Years of Literacy Services for the Visually Impaired: The Nigerwives-Nigeria Experience
Anke A. Ukpak. University onyo

There are millions of visually impaired in Nigeria. and government has failed to treat their education as a legal right. Through its national project, the Nigerian Braille Book Production Centre. the Association has for the past 13 years been involved in enhancing literacy for the visually impaired by:

Converting over 700 primary and secondary textbooks into Braille.

Promoting reading corners and organizing Braille reading competitions.
Providing Braille Book Access in public libraries’ Organizing mathematics workshops for resource persons. teachers and their visually ‘impaired students.

Producing learning/teaching aides or adapting them from locally available materials.
Offering computer training programme/or the visually impaired (mostly graduates) so as to equip them for employment in the sighted‘ work environment.
Having revolving fund for the much-needed aides for the visually impaired such as magnifiers, Braille typewriters, Braille punches styluses. etc.
It is hoped that this paper provides an insight into a little—known and often neglected area of
literacy d literacy for the visually impaired.

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