Time for Revenge? Theological Reflections on Female Rapists in Zimbabwe
Tobias Marevesa,
Department ofPhiliosophy and Religious Studies,
Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo,
Email: marevesat@gmail.com
Fortune Sibanda,
Department ofPhilosophy and Religious Studies,
Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo,
Email.’sibanda35@gmail. com

A number of studies have interrogated gender studies in disciplines such as social sciences, economics, law and population studies, this research adopts a religious perspective to the same issue. The study seeks to investigate andprovide some theological reflections to the phenomenon of female rapists in Zimbabwe. The paper argues that the prevalence offemale rapists in Zimbabwe calls for a new paradigm on existingperceptions ofsocialpower in society. Whilst, the traditional stance was that women are raped by men, what has recently emerged is that some women are on rampage to rape men either at gun point or knife point. Therefore. the studyfurtherposits that there
is need to redefine ‘rape’ in legal terms given that the ‘absurd’ is now a reality where womenvictimize men. The study established that the majority ofthesefemale repists demand that the male victims use condoms so that they would easily collect sperm deemed vita/for ritualpurposes linked to satanic acts. One wonders whether the increasing pattern offemale rapists suggests a ‘time for revenge ’against males whose actions have always been viewed with a hermeneutics of suspicion’ by females since time beyond reckoning. In order to collect data and to interpret the phenomenon of female rape in Zimbabwe, the study utilized interviews, documentary analysis ofpablished reports
in local print media and a feminist approach. The study concludes that an eye for an eye would make the world blind and devoid ofpeace.
Keywords: Female Rapists, Feminist Interpretation, Gender-Based Violence

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