Nigerian secondary students are seen as slow readers who have difficulty
with comprehension. The fact is that reading does not take place in a
vacuum. Statements occur in culturally determined it context of situation.
In other words, the reader can only decode a message if he is able to use
the language because h-is background is sufficient to understand the message once it is decoded (Goodman). To neglect the contributions of the reader in the reading situation would be like trying to view a movie without the projector. 1l is the contribution of the reader that makes the whole
communication process meaningful. The prior knowledge with which he
approaches a comprehension exercise includes information about the real
world. which he has acquired through direct and vicarious experiences and the knowledge about the reading process which he has been taught or imbibed in the classroom or around a story circle in the village, the latter kind of knowledge being related lo the sequence or organization of narrative prose and/ or expository prose.